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At R1 Motorcycles, we pride ourselves on our exceptional level of customer service. We aim to guide each customer through the unsure time of bike restoration, helping them to understand the faults their bike is experiencing and how best to restore the fault. When you bring your bike down to our garage in Croydon, our team will look at how best they can restore the fault quickly and at an affordable price. If you are worried about the condition of your bike or perhaps experiencing a fault that you are not sure the cause, book a diagnostic test at R1 Motorcycles.

Specialist diagnostic equipment

When you bring your bike down to our garage on Northcote Road for a diagnostic test, our team use the latest diagnostic equipment on every occasion. We believe through the use of the latest specialist equipment, our team can achieve accurate results in the quickest time possible. Along with offering you the driver peace of mind in these unsure times, a diagnostic test can read deep into your bikes computer highlighting faults that you were unaware existed. A diagnostic test conducted at R1 Motorcycles allows you the opportunity to restore the condition of your bike before any major damaged has occurred.

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Accurate results in a matter of a few seconds

When you book a diagnostic test with our trained technicians, you can be confident in accurate results in a space of a few seconds. But what is a diagnostic test? A diagnostic test is where our team plugs in diagnosis equipment into the built-in computer in your bike’s engine. This will be able to highlight any faults that are occurring inside the engine, exhaust or electrical system. A diagnostic test is often viewed as the quickest way of discovering the fault that has appeared on your bike’s dashboard. Still unsure of whether a diagnostic test is best for you and your bike? This method of inspecting your bike is quicker, less costly and more accurate than when manually inspecting the condition of your bike.

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When it comes to checking and restoring the condition of your bike, you want to be confident that you have booked a service that you can rely on. By booking a diagnostic test at R1 Motorcycles in Croydon, our team can inspect your bike’s engine, making sure that no major fault has developed that can affect the running of your bike. Do you want peace of mind over a warning light that has appeared on your bike’s dashboard? A diagnostic test will allow us to find a fault before it turns into a bigger and more expensive problem. To book a diagnostic test that you can rely on, either contact our team or use our easy online booking tool today.