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A serviced bike is a happy bike

Do you want to restore and maintain the health of your bike? Our team here at R1 Motorcycles recommend a service. When you book a bike service at our garage in Croydon, we can restore the overall condition of your bike. Over time, faults can develop that affect the running of your bike. By ignoring these faults that have developed, they can grow damaging the health of your bike. Unsure whether you are requiring a service? The more miles you drive, the more you need a service, while bikes that cover fewer miles will need a service less frequently.

Servicing Prices

Up to 1215cc £65.00
Over 125 cc up to 300cc £95.00
300 cc up to 500cc £125.00
500cc up to 750cc £165.00
750cc to 1000cc £195.00
Over 1000cc POA

Promotional price service will need to be booked in advance on 0208 239 7108.

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Reduced running costs

Book a service at our friendly garage in Croydon and you can restore the health while reducing the overall running costs of your bike. By conducting servicing at the required times, you can keep your bike driving smoothly. A service will ensure that all the key parts to your bike work together with no problems. This will lower the energy the engine will use, and lower the overall costs in total.

Increased bike value

Along with keeping your bike driving smoothly with lower running costs, a serviced bike with an up-to-date service handbook can sell for 5-10% more than the same bike. An FSH (full-service handbook) is essential when selling your bike as it will show evidence of the services your bike has undertaken.

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A bike service is essential for riders wanting to improve and restore the condition of their bike. With faults developing over time and with every mile, a service can repair and maintain the condition of key parts. A bike with a full-service history can sell for 5 -10% more than the same bike missing those vital documents. For peace of mind on the condition of your bike, book a service by contacting our team or using our quick and easy online booking tool.