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A common occurrence for all riders and that is the dreaded moment where you find yourself hitting the centre of a deep pothole. This dreaded occurrence on the roads can lead to the development of a misaligned wheel alignment. By driving through potholes or kerbing your bike, you can knock your bike’s wheel alignment out of place. A wheel alignment is the angles of your bike’s axles, perfectly aligning the tyres to the road. When knocking the wheel alignment out, you alter the way the tyres handle the road.

Increased efficiency at R1 Motorcycles

When you bring your bike down to R1 Motorcycles in Croydon, our team can improve the performance and efficiency of your bike. When you book a wheel alignment, our team with the latest specialist wheel alignment equipment can realign the wheel alignment to your manufacturers recommended specification. After our team have restored your wheel alignment through our quick and precise service, you may notice many differences in the drive of your bike. Your bike will be more enjoyable to drive, handling the road smoother. Along with a smoother drive, your bike will cost less to run as all parts will be running in unison and a reduced need to exchange the tyres on your wheel.

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How do I know if I need to book a wheel alignment?

There are many signs that you need to book a wheel alignment service at R1 Motorcycles. Have you noticed when driving, that your bike pulls more to one side? Or perhaps when applying the brake pedal, your bikes again pulls more to one side. The biggest sign that a service is required is the wearing of the tyres on one side of the bike more than the tyres on the other side. This wearing of tyres on one side of the bike can be expensive, but by booking a wheel alignment at R1 Motorcycles we can quickly solve this fault for you.

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Has the drive and enjoyment you experience when driving your bike been lost? By booking your bike in for a wheel alignment at R1 Motorcycles in Croydon, our experienced team can realign the way your tyres connect the surface of the road. Able to smooth and improve the quality of your drive, a wheel alignment can reduce running costs while reducing the need to purchase new tyres. To book a wheel alignment, bring your bike down to our garage in Northcote and book an appointment through our online booking tool today.